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We've got A's for your Q's

I heard that LinkedIn recently made some very big changes to their rules and regulations, does your system cover these?

Absolutely. Our LinkedIn Client GoldMasterMind program was completely revamped in September 2021 to include our innovative workarounds and solutions to the new LinkedIn regulations. This new 2.0 version also includes updated access to our industry leading online platform that takes LinkedIn and Email lead generation to an entirely new level!

What kind of results can I expect?

2x-10x Your Current Monthly Lead Flow in 4 Months or less;
More predictable Monthly Revenue;
Instant lead generation channel with 0 Sales Reps and 0 Ads;
Proven scalability for even greater ROIs;
Making your company more relevant now and in the future by firmly establishing yourself within the world's largest B2B platform.

What exactly does "MasterMind" mean?

The LinkedIn Client Gold™ MasterMind program is delivered 100% online through step-by-step video tutorials in our simple online portal. You will have 24/7 access to the content for both you and/or your team. We call it a "MasterMind" program because not only do you get 1:1 calls with the Big Jomo team, you also get a private support channel to tap into our vast experiences and "master" "minds" as you progress through the program. In other words, we are serving as your mentor as you implement this proven, high-converting outbound LinkedIn funnel into your own business.


What is an "Outbound LinkedIn Funnel"?

This is our proprietary OUTBOUND marketing system we will set up to contact, nurture, and deliver warm prospect conversations to you. It is a closed-loop system with the major components being LinkedIn, Email, Custom Dynamic Imagery, Daily Messaging, Targeting, and Optimization.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

No. The LinkedIn Client GoldMasterMind program is a one-time fee only. We also have a multi-pay option that is slightly more expensive but spreads your program fee over 3 parts. The only ongoing costs you will need to incur are those small monthly fees charged by the various software pieces used to construct your high-converting outbound LinkedIn funnel (we show you how).

How much does this cost?

1/3 to 1/2 of what you’d usually pay for all of the software, consulting, agency help, iterations, automations, copywriting, and staff that are required for this to work.

Not to mention the SDRs you're hiring now because you have no other options.

In most cases, once our students go through the LinkedIn Client Gold
MasterMind program and install our high-converting outbound LinkedIn funnel into their own business, they tell us it's the highest ROI of any single marketing channel they have.

I hate when people try to sell me stuff on LinkedIn and Email, and because of that, it must mean this program will not work and I'm simply going to annoy everyone. Am I correct?

No you're not correct.

If your product really changes someone's day-to-day, you’ll carve through 75 people who aren't ready to buy it yet for 5 people who genuinely see value in your product or service.

There’s no reason to pigeonhole yourself into burning money on trade shows, ads, time on blogging, content, or events and partnerships because you’re AFRAID of Joe Smith thinking that you're spamming him.

Joe doesn't matter...your new clients matter.  

How do I know you're legit?

Our case studies. Our results are MORE than enough to "try" our proven program (plus, we've got an action-based guarantee...what more do you need!?)

What if I'm not a B2B Manufacturing or Service company?

This isn’t just for Manufacturing or Service companies, it works for any higher-ticket service or product. The only thing you need to have is a truly unique product or service, national/international reach, some happy customers and a competitive advantage.  

Does this work for B2C Companies?

This only works profitably for a B2B company with an average sale transaction of $2,500+ and where using LinkedIn to source your ideal B2B prospects makes sense. For most B2C companies this is typically too high to make this model work profitably. There are some rare exceptions and if you feel you are one of them then book a strategy call to discuss more with us.

How much time does my team and I need to allocate to this?

You or your team would only have to spend on average 4-8 hours/week on your system once implemented. Some sections of our MasterMind are more intensive than others (eg - initial setup/learning/optimization). But once your own high-converting, outbound LinkedIn funnel is in place , the majority of your time will be spent dealing with the very warmest leads your funnel system generates...which we are sure you will be more than pleased to handle!

We're already a big company and getting clients. Why do we need this?

Every B2B company that has an addressable market on LinkedIn or email (all of you) should have outbound as one of your arms of marketing. Even huge successful companies trying to make quota use outbound, and some can attribute a large portion of their revenue from its source, it’s just SO profitable. You just need to do it right and that's where we enter the picture.

Why wouldn't we just run ads or create content instead of doing outbound marketing?

Efficiency, affordability, and speed.

We have multiple niches, can we use this service for multiple niches at the same time?

Absolutely, you can just clone campaigns for different niches with different messages.

To avoid "shiny object syndrome", we DO recommend conquering ONE niche first, and then scaling to other ones after. This will ensure FAST results.